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Finally, ladies and lads and Anguses, this is the place at Livejournal where people can full-on let out their Georgosities and general amazingnesses!

This is a world where you can discuss the book series, post related pictures, divulge the latest Louise and Georgia news, show us videos of you and your friends going down the disco, gossip about the Wet Lindsays and Dave the Laughs in your life, and start discussions about interesting things like politics and school and, er... shoes.

This community is for fans of the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison.

Here are some guidelines for keeping our community terribly advanced and lightyears ahead of everyone else:

1. Feel free to post anything you feel is related to this community. Pretty much anything goes, as long as you don't start a riot or somesuch.

2. Pretty please with sugar on top and also a cherry DO NOT, under any circumstances, advertise any other community in this one. I especially loathe rating communities, and those posts will be deleted even faster than the rest. This is a junk-free community, my lovelies.

3. Trolls and other annoying people will be permanently banned and tossed into the empty pits of emptiness. I am a bad person like that and apparently I hate free speech. Oh well, good thing I am not Empress of the World or anything.

4. If you really upset any member of the community and cannot respect people generally, see above. The same goes for you. Yes, you. I don't mind some rousing debate or a few books tossed at people's heads now and then, but if we all want you to go, you are probably lost without a life paddle, or however that saying goes.

5. You may put one uncut picture in each post, but the rest have to go under an lj-cut. It's only fair to the little dial-up people.

6. Nudity always goes under an lj-cut, but cuss your head off if you really need to. I have no prejudice against dirty mouths.

7. If you are having big problemosities with another member, feel threatened, or need to generally complain, send me an email at the address shown above. As the mod, I will be a swift and just leader, as long as I am not at work.

7. Let's keep this a community of lurve, and not one of Wet Lindsays.

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